• Imperative

    Very successful when used with people. Less successful for dogs. I’ve never seen a dog turn into a heel when you say “HEEL”. And some more sayings…


Events: We create dialogue

Direct encounters allows personal charisma to have a direct impact. Iris Wirz c&p communications makes your public appearances an impressive experience.

The presence that we arrange creates a wide variety of lasting reactions. Dealing with the desired reactions at an early stage is worth while. It’s certainly not all about just being there. Presenting yourself as a carbon copy of the competition takes too much effort and doesn’t bring that much success. The more authentic and convincing the presentation, the greater the opportunities for further dialogue. And yet this doesn’t happen automatically - it needs the right “space” and platforms.

Professional competence is only part of the big picture. Each audience makes comparisons with the other media presences of which they are aware - be this consciously or subconsciously. A fascinating presence boosts competitiveness. It is an invitation to care for relationships and intensifies the desired perception.

We can create the right mood for this type of presence - in individually organised events, as part of existing events or in virtual events.

The impact: It becomes possible to experience individual and group personalities.