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SwissSkills 2014 in Bern: Bodywork professions

The first professional championships for automotive mechanics and the demonstration stand for bodywork shops, paint shops and tinsmiths was a great success.

Prior to the event we assisted with the planning, created sponsoring contacts, invited schools, professional consultants and the media, and designed the posters. Schweiz aktuell ran a spot on the first day of the competition for automotive mechanics. We supported the event itself with videos, which could be seen on the monitors at the site and also on Facebook. There was already initial feedback on the press release for the last day of the championship in the media the next morning. Several hundred articles are published every year on the bodywork industry in more than 8 million print media copies and in TV and radio broadcasts. Social media is part of the new advertising.

A2 poster for SwissSkills 2014

Schweiz aktuell broadcast

Automotive mechanics on flickr