• Imperative

    Very successful when used with people. Less successful for dogs. I’ve never seen a dog turn into a heel when you say “HEEL”. And some more sayings…


Identity: We cultivate communication

Personalities become more charming and convincing if they can express themselves authentically. That applies to individuals and also to groups. Iris Wirz c&p communications makes your personality a key success factor in your communication.

A profile doesn’t have to be created or artificially produced - as a rule it’s already there. Sometimes it thrives shyly all hidden away, it can’t develop in public or it gets lost in a crazy jungle of individually launched monographs. Even well-meaning contact persons have difficulties in recognising or understanding the specific being. The ditch between existing effectively and blending with appearances turns into a communication trap.

We turn your company’s personality into one of your most valuable discoveries. Together with the people involved, we sketch out the unmistakeable features of its profile. If something has been worked out credibly in the company, it can also be communicated credibly outside the company. We use this as the basis to draft a suitable framework for an optimum presence with the respective audience. This makes communication easier and boosts implementation of the strategy.

The result: Personality proves to be an attractive base for successful relationships - with employees, customers, partners, the media, investors, and other key allies.