We produce information

Information - the part of communication that can be automated - creates understanding and interest for a company’s performance. Iris Wirz c&p communications bundles your most important content to form attractive information packages for a variety of recipients.

Knowledge of activities, products, offerings, successes and customer feedback often to be found as capital in most companies. However, making the right investment is a different story. Expertise is often spread over a large number of employees. Employees who do not necessarily communicate with one another. Sometimes, interested customers only receive one-off items of information. The originator and the recipient don’t always speak the same language. That means that even target groups who are hungry for information can hardly fight their way through the barrage of facts. The aim is to pack messages with tempting words and images, to keep the flow of thoughts moving with a clever content structure, and to create understanding for the originator’s specific requirements.

We stir up a wonderful cocktail of information depending on the specific audience. If required, we spice it up with dry facts and a pinch of entertainment. We paint issues and products in the brightest of colours, add exquisite detail to specialist information, or formulate strategic intentions in a future-looking tone.

The product: Presence is growing while the organization is gaining attention for other activities.