Media relations: We maintain media relations

Your messages are good news. Iris Wirz c&p communications turns media relations into a success story with high viewing rates.

The impact of the best stories and the most important facts can be multiplied in the media. Information conveyed as part of editorial content ranks among the most credible information at all. The media are a company’s best and most effective allies - if it is possible to win them in the first place.

The media market also follows certain rules. Successful positions are gained with watertight facts, up-to-the-minute data, entertaining stories, exciting images, fascinating texts and attractive minds. The aim is to perceive the individual editorial office’s needs and to meet these as part of the respective possibilities and in view of the company’s objectives. The better this succeeds, the more sustainable and intensive the resulting relationships. From setting up a specific address file through to writing, producing and placing contributions, and even press conferences - we can network you with the media you need to work with in Switzerland and in other countries.

Feedback: Your success writes its own story - in words and pictures.