Integrated communication agency

Iris Wirz c&p communications is a full service agency for integrated communication.

Integrated communication means your customers reach their objectives faster, easily and cost effectively. They use their resources better and discover additional potential.

They find solutions for tasks in many areas: corporate identity - mission statement - corporate design - events - information - advertising - web sites - corporate publishing - media relations.

Integrated communication can span an end-to-end mandate or in several sub-projects. The benefits are all yours. You save time, money and energy. You move ahead faster. You are the winner, all down the line.

We have developed our integrated communication together with our own team, and have been using it successfully for more than a decade. We work out our concepts and projects in house. This gives you, our customer, the security that the knowledge and experience we have gained in our long-standing practical experience will benefit your project directly.

We are looking forward to your challenges!