• Equality

    Has been achieved when it doesn’t matter any more if a position is held by a fighting cock or a fighting chicken. The same also applies to raging bulls and raging cows. And some more sayings…


Communicative intelligence

Every human being, every organization and every company has enormous potential which increase every time it is skilfully used: communicative intelligence. If used in a target-oriented manner, it can grow to become a key core competence. Iris Wirz c&p communications helps you to do just that.

Life and change are based on exchanges - that’s what communication is all about. This innate in every living being, every company and every institution. Differences only become perceptible in the individual characteristics of the communication spectrum. The individual facets express different characters. The aim is to sensitively perceive strengths and to cleverly exploit them. This turns communication into a form of energy and power. It accelerates, initiates and calls for change. In our world of constant change exactly this force is a key factor that structures our present and future.

We boost this power by making the the people involved and the entire organization aware of the specific communicative strengths, and deploy these to achieve the desired growth. No matter where we are involved: for an end-to-end concept of a sub-project - we activate and intensify the communication process. Our customer-specific steps are geared to concrete results, maximum success and sustainable progress for the entire task in hand. During this process, your communicative intelligence reinforces the further core competences.

The result: Real growth in valuable opportunities and promising opportunities on the intended markets.