Integrated communication

We understand integrated communication to mean

  • Communication targets are defined with a view to the overall success and the overall impact of the enterprise or company - for all key stakeholders.
  • The communication activities which come into question are conceived and realized so that they mutually reinforce each other’s impact.
  • That means that the internal and external players in this communication have to think and work in a network.
  • This process works if the communicative strengths of both the enterprise and the people involved are carefully analysed and used in a target-oriented manner. This calls for specific deployment of organizational development - at the right place, at the right time.
  • Internal strengths and the external requirements of the target groups are then used as basis to put corresponding activities in place. It is often the case that fewer projects are required because the activities provide each other with concrete mutual support and have a focused effect. That allows you to save energy and costs, while your success grows.

That is why networks are crucial when designing, planning and realizing our projects. That allows us to discover and use the opportunities which present themselves to increase quality and effectiveness and to create brand new synergies. And that in turn allows us to constantly increase communication standards.

The result: Our customers constantly gain competitive advantages with every project that is realized. That applies to end-to-end mandates and sub-projects.